About Us

We are a family owned and operated business with 19 years of experience. We have a strong desire to provide quality services in the community in which we live, while also providing an experience that we would expect ourselves as a consumer. Owning this business allows us some flexibility with family life to care for our two small children as well.

We can gain a sense of pride and achievement when looking back at where we started this business to now. We have grown exponentially with the help of family, friends, and colleagues within this industry.

We continue to learn and grow within ourselves to be better for our potential customers. Whether that be to be more cost effective, better materials and/or products, and even providing more informative alternatives than an original plan for a project.

If our customers are happy that helps grow our business which in turn provides for our family. We are able to make decisions within our business that control our destiny and overall outcome in life.

While it’s not always easy to take on your own risk(s) or be away from home more than the typical 8-5, the benefits outweigh those challenges and the reward is above anything else.

Even though most of our services are one in the same, each project can be different in its own way. That allows us to challenge ourselves and look back with our experiences to find the best possible solution. In doing so, we are able to utilize a creative side of ourselves and experience different stages of the same thing.

We don’t look at the amount of time we spend in our day with our business but the overall outcome of accomplishments and how we are growing as a team on a regular basis.”

We Service Residential and Commercial Projects

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Complete List of Services We Offer

Forestry Mulching

Basement Excavation

French Drains

Driveway Installation and Maintenance

Land Clearing

Erosion Control

Invasive Species Removal


Clear Cut & Logging Clean Up

Survey Line Clearing

Stormwater Pond Management


Culvert Repair, Replacement, & Installation

Drainage Solutions

Attention Home Owners

Which Contractor Will You Choose to Work At Your Home?

Choosing a contractor can be pretty scary. As a home owner you don’t work with contractors every day. So when you do have a job that requires some professional help it can be hard to choose the right contractor to work at your home.


You want to be treated with respect and courtesy…for the contractor to understand that you’re the one paying, so you deserve to be treated right.

You want the contractor to LISTEN to you and to thoroughly UNDERSTAND what you want done. You want the contractor to help you avoid any unexpected costs by sharing their professional know-how with you. You want the contractor to give you a fair price for the work. You want the contractor to show up on time and with the right equipment needed to complete the job. You want the contractor to do the job RIGHT the first time. You want the contractor to not damage any property or buildings surrounding the project. You want the contractor who will also cleanup after the project and not leave a big mess for you to have to deal with. You want the contractor to be available to answer questions and/or to talk with you before and after you give them the job.

As Home Owners ourselves, we know that is the type of performance and service we would expect from someone we hired.

We offer a full-range of Site Work, Land Clearing, Water and Sewer services in Northern Virginia.

Attention Contractors

If You Need A Professional Contractor To Get The Job Done Right

It can be hard to find a contractor who can provide site work, land clearing, and other excavation services in your area.

It can be if you’re looking for a contractor who knows how to get the job done right, has good equipment, shows up on time, finished on schedule and properly cleans up when the job is done. It doesn’t seem like much to ask for but these days it seems hard to find.

If your a contractor looking for a licensed and insured contractor looking for these services then consider working with J.P.Mercer Inc. Excavating and Hauling.

Whether you’re doing a housing development, a shopping center, an office building, a road project, or any other kind of project that you need excavation services for then give us a call for a Free Quote.

We Understand That You Need A Contractor You Can Depend On

One who has the right equipment to properly get the job done. An experienced contractor who will correctly perform the work, someone who understands your project schedule and the need to show up on time and maintain the schedule. A crew that understands how to protect the surrounding property and buildings, and that know how to cleanup their work when they’re done.

Your project can go a lot more smoothly and give you a lot less headaches if you choose J.P.Mercer INC. Excavating and Hauling for all your service needs.

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